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Founder of The Muscle Clinic, and has recently completed European ADVANCED Neuromuscular Therapy at Kings College London .Other qualifications include National Qualification in Exercise and Health Studies (N.T.C. Dublin) Nutrition in Plant Based Foods (eCornell University), Qualification in Frequency Specific Microcurrent (F.S.M). As part of Pats continuing education he has begun human dissection (cadaver studies) this also at Kings College London. At football Pat reached the dizzy heights of playing in the prestigious Leinster Junior Cup final this while playing in goal for Mourne Celtic; however distance running was his first love. As a member of Clonliffe Harriers Pat benefited over the years from their excellent coaching and competition, this brought success in different ways. Senior silver national marathon team medal won on the tough hills of Donegal, Winner of the Masters National marathon championships Dublin, and winner of The Belfast marathon masters title represent some of his honours. PAT has recorded a personal best time for the marathon of 2hrs 34 mins, and continues to compete setting unrealistic targets, so to challenge the body to perform to its maximum best on chosen race days, but the real prize he says is his enjoyment of full health for as many years into life possible, long may it continue.

  • Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Exercise and Health Studies
  • Nutrition in Plant Based Foods
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent
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Dwayne is a fully qualified personal trainer,physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach. The past three seasons Dwayne has been the physical therapist for top Dublin GAA club Craobh Chiarains looking after the injuries and conditioning of both the senior hurling and football teams. Dwayne has also been head trainer at the prestigious five star Marker hotel for the past two years were he oversaw the induction and training of gym members and hotel guests.

I lost 8 kilos in 4 weeks training with Dwayne, the training was progressive and I could feel my strength and stamina improve after just a couple of sessions, my goal now is to maintain my weight loss and I’m confident with Dwayne’s help I can achieve this”

At the Muscle Clinic Dwayne offers physical therapy,sports massage,strength and conditioning and personal training. Dwayne also offers a money back guarantee on all block booked personal training sessions if your not happy with your results he’s not happy.

  • Personal Trainer
  • Physical Therapist
  • Massage Therapist
  • S&C Coach
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OK so I could give you a long spiel on what I am about but its really very simple. Through years of experience, training and studying I have learned that all you really need to get results is a good mind set, good diet and your body. With the correct guidance I believe anybody can achieve their goals, with no exceptions. I will not only guide people through physical and nutritional training but also mental training, as the mind is a very powerful tool in achieving your goals. Utilizing your body for the body you have always wanted and doing so in a happy, fun and safe environment.

  • Two time National Champion 800m
  • NEFPC Group Instruction, EQF Level 3
  • NEFPC Personal Training, EQF Level 4
  • NEFPC Fitness Instructor, EQF Level 3
  • 087 316 7236
  • siobhaneviston@hotmail.com

For the last two decades, Kevin Sheridan has dedicated his life to finding a workable…natural and fast solution for weight loss. Through the insights gained from studying some of the most respected leaders in the industry he has simplified the core elements and designed his own unique the 4 step “MERC” formula which can be applied for immediate results. This unique approach of addressing the psychological and physical components will help you to transform yourself in a matter of weeks. Kevin is also the author of “How to get a flat stomach in 30 days”, “The weight loss miracle” ,“21 Day Challenge” and the founder of “The fabulous new you” Kevin`s 4 step “MERC” formula is the culmination of two decades of meticulous research and experience, his clients range from celebrities, athletics to clients of all walks of life wishing to attain & maintain their ideal weight…naturally.

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  • Personal Trainer
  • Physical Therapist
  • Author

Amatsu therapy is a fusion of Eastern philosophy and Western science. It is a physical therapy founded on principles of natural movement and based on Japanese osteopathic techniques, it is a uniquely beneficial corrective treatment used to treat specific injuries or to re-establish alignment and symmetry to the body. It offers a person the opportunity to move away from an injury or condition in a deliberate and structured way very successfully. Amatsu teaches understanding of body mechanics and tensegrity. These teachings along with clear client communication give me a clear route in resolving aches, strains and other musculature issues. I pride myself on working with the client to empower them to become part of the programme of treatment.  Educating the individual on the contribution they can make to their own recovery inline with the therapy is the key to the success of my treatments. This clear and measurable route is the key to keeping on the path towards recovery and ultimately a healthy lifestyle. The human body is an amazing piece of engineering – I believe we owe it to ourselves to keep it well, fit and balanced, and essentially running as smoothly as nature intended, to its full potential. We all deserve to be well and it is my  job to help you reach your potential health.

  • Amatsu Practitioner Anma muscular & Seitai ligamentous structures Senior Amatsu Practitioner Shinden Jutsu Visceral Student at Kenku level – Cranial techniques Member of the team at the Daghda Synergy Amatsu Practitioner Training Academy Advanced Yogi
  • Monika Rostkowska
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