My decision to put a mobile unit to work in Clontarf is based on listening to difficulties that the elderly, injured or disable have in their daily lives. The Muscle Clinic does have on street disabled parking, a stair lift to the treatment room/rehab studio and Alter G room. These facilities as good as they are don’t always meet the needs of the above category of patients. Injuries can leave a person drained of their confidence to venture outside the safety of their bedroom never mind their house. Another very common challenge to people especially the elderly is the transportation to and from treatment. I frequently experience the difficulty of agreeing appointment times due to the uncertainty of the patient been unsure of transportation, this often from time pressed family members. Another service that the mobile unit will meet is in the area of rehabilitation. There is often a requirement to do early stage rehabilitation so as to enable the patient develop the physical ability to attend the Clinic to complete full recovery. An added bonus to visiting the living accommodation of the elderly/injured/disabled is for an overview of how daily postural challenges can be adapted to make of life as comfortable and independent as possible at a difficult time in life.