Every day many millions of miles away the sun rises and announces to us, the beginning of a new day. This, is first greeted by the radiant light that takes us out of the darkness, and then, its glow of heat divides our winter from the more fun filled days of summer .Of course this solar agent has many other services to offer but not all of a friendly nature, one such “ray “is the electromagnetic radiation of the” Gamma” ray.

This radiation is put to entertaining use by the movie people as a weapon used to vaporise the enemy in galactic battles. The more commoner garden but also a dangerous ray (carcinogenetic) is of course the “ X “ ray, thankfully, although still a dangerous experience the medical world has put this to better use in the area of diagnostics. Another emission from the sun that causes concern is Ultraviolet light, a highly dangerous wave and the scourge of the sunbathing brigade.

However let me introduce, and be of an informing nature to you about an unsung hero from outer space, sandwiched between visible light and the radio wave is INFRARED. In Infrared we have a contact within the solar system which is a true friend, responsible for photosynthesis our very existence depending on it. With the spectrum of the suns energy classified according to the length of their waves, the shortest and most dangerous are gamma rays; at the far end of the infrared spectrum are the longest and most healing rays the FAR-INFRARED.

At this end of the FAR-INFRARED spectrum lies the longest and most healing rays spanning from 1000 to 4 microns with the most vital to health and healing between 4-14 microns. We radiate infrared energy through our skin this at a measure of 9.4 microns, this formulating palm healing and other hands on therapies. Our bodies absorb 93% of the infrared waves that we are exposed to, hence the reason I brought the FAR-INFRARED SAUNA to The Muscle Clinic 8 years ago. HOW CAN YOU BENEFIT AND ENJOY THE FAR-INFRARED SAUNA We now live in the most toxic environment that man has ever lived; studies have now established that even in the pristine conditions of the North Pole the polar bear is contaminated with plasticizers (PCB,S) like every human on the planet. This is just one of the thousands of toxins we come into contact with each day of our lives. These PCB’S get pushed into the body fat for safe storage out of the blood. While stool, urine, breast milk, and sweat are the main routes for the body to rid itself of such toxins the most effective way is by sweat. Mayo clinic studies have proven that FAR-INFRARED SAUNA is the safest way to induce a healing sweat, and this using heat sensitive cardiac patients as proof. The FAR-INFRARED SAUNA with its patented ceramic lamps penetrate one and a half inches into the tissue this depth allows for the mobilization of stored toxins into the sweat and out of the body.this activating penetration allows for a lower temperature to be used not contraindicated even for heart patient.

I cite but one toxin of a myriad that cause havoc with our health, the body in some instances simply is not programmed to rid itself of them, using the FAR-INFRARED SAUNA, drug addicts, soldiers contaminated with agent orange are but a few cases that demonstrate the benefit of our friend from outer space.Truely the FAR-INFRARED SAUNA is the hot solution to pollution. The sauna due to its depth of penetration also removes lactic acid quickly thus allowing for a quicker recovery from strenuous sport activity, a benefit to the sports person.As the cooling system has to work overtime due to the deep sweating there is a high calorie burn during the session, good news for weight loss.Cosmeticly there cannot be a skin cleanser so good, why just cleanse the face when one can cleanse the whole body and this to the depth of one and a half inches. I do hope my introduction encourages you to further research the huge amount of information endorsing this secret in healing. Regards Pat.